Innovative Cybersecurity Solutions For Businesses In The UK

Want to demonstrate your company’s commitment to cyber security?

Achieving certification in Cyber Essentials is one of the best ways to signify to clients and stakeholders that you’re equipped for the digital age. However, it can be difficult to achieve without the right support.

Cyber security is often considered a complex area by business owners. It’s not only constantly evolving but difficult to deal with if it’s not your speciality.


You know you need to protect your IT infrastructure, but might be confused about where to start. The likelihood is you want to focus on the core services of your business, rather than worrying about dealing with cyber security yourself.

The best cyber security solutions give you greater peace of mind. They also ensure customers and staff feel their information is in safe hands at all times.

Andrew Dodd Assessment LTD is experienced experts in cyber security, with our team having a wealth of experience in this industry.

We offer a range of innovative IT and computing solutions to prevent strain on your current IT infrastructure.

Our company is a member of the IASME Consortium, which is the NCSC partner for the delivery of their Cyber Essentials scheme. Through our nationwide network of Certification Bodies, ADAS-LTD is a Certification Body for IASME.

Many companies still overlook the importance of cyber security, often to their detriment.

Unfortunately, cybercrime has only become more sophisticated over the past few years and businesses of all sizes are at risk.

It’s vital to ensure your digital assets are protected with the latest security protocols. Staff training is also crucial to ensure your team can better spot common scams like phishing.

From secure network configurations to encryption and multi-factor authentication, there are a wide range of cyber security solutions available. It’s vital to have a risk assessment of your business to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

Andrew Dodd Assessment Services Ltd can ensure your business has a strong strategy in place and that you meet the latest regulations.

With back-up and disaster recovery solutions, you will always have measures in place to reduce the impact of a cyber attack. We can introduce an incident response plan, robust back-up systems and disaster recovery strategies.

Our services

include both maintaining and monitoring your IT infrastructure, resulting in less downtime and more productivity. By conducting in-house technical audits, competency assessment and proficiency tests, we can make it much easier to achieve IASME Cyber certifications.

If you’re seeking experts in cyber security solutions, don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information.